Ashley saved me from myself and the seemingly uncontrollable circumstances around me, that were literally breaking me, last Fall. She is one of the most caring, open, and non-judgemental people I have ever met. I’m now on the road to truly becoming myself, the real, loving ME that I know I am. She has walked me through fear and anxiety and was patient with my anxious hesitance or inability to understand a process…without throwing an I-told-you-so when I finally understood and felt the healing from a session or follow-up. đź’ś -Jerilyn

Ashley Rose

Well, I finally gathered the courage to let my fears subside and start sharing this journey with you all. I'm finally fulfilling my dream of helping others find their light and go for what they are passionate about. Finding peace within themselves and letting loose their fears and self sabotaging judgments. I get to introduce fun once again into life. Embracing who they truly are and we do it in such a way that we enjoy the process, no matter how uncomfortable it can get, we start to get excited about the emotions and thoughts that uncomfiness brings about. Shedding past restraints and creating a life you want.