True Impostor Syndrome

When I began my journey as an entrepreneurial coach  I was faced with many challenges. The biggest being Impostor Syndrome. My identity was definitely questioned. Thoughts like “who do I think I am? , I don’t know if I can really coach others, I am not ( whoever I did see as a coach) Sound familiar? yep

I worked through this every day, reshaping my thought process to stay in action regardless. Then one day as I sat in my space during one of my shadow sessions I was hit with it. I was an Impostor!! I absolutely was! I was pretending this whole time that I wasn’t a coach, that I wasn’t powerful and full of light. I was pretending that I couldn’t help others and that I was only playing pretend when I was stepping into that role.

I’ll give you an example and this is literally how it came to me. When I was younger I remember playing with a group of my friends. We were big power ranger fans and I declared that I was the pink power ranger. My friend then shouted to me that she was the pink power ranger and that I was the yellow power ranger. So from there on out, I was always the yellow power ranger. *side note the yellow power ranger was a fucking badass but I liked the pink one’s boyfriend and the way she leads the others. whatever lol Any whooo one day I was playing with a different group and I declared I was the pink power ranger and they were totally cool with it, yet I felt undeserving of it like I actually felt like I didn’t deserve to be pink… Fast forward years later in this session, I am now working through and uncovering my shadows accepting all parts of myself it hits me… BAM! I had been duped! I was really the fucking pink power ranger and the reason I felt like I was an impostor was that I’ve been pretending to be the yellow bitch when I’m really the pink bitch! In my case (coach)

Impostor playground is a familiar space a lot of us spend so much of our time in. We are pretending to be what we believe society will allow us to be. We suppress our truest expressions and our desires. When we get into spaces that we don’t recognize ourselves in and get to be who we are declaring we really are we feel like we’re trying to be something/someone else when actually we really have been dressing up as what we feel our world will accept us to be. When we finally step into who we are it is unfamiliar, strange even. It takes some trying on and testing the waters because we are still very cautious of other peoples responses and acceptance. The truth is you have always been who you’re discovering only you have yet to come out to play. Until we allow ourselves to be who we truly are we are and will always be an impostor…

This is what I believe to be true Impostor Syndrome… So who are you really?

Ashley Rose

Well, I finally gathered the courage to let my fears subside and start sharing this journey with you all. I'm finally fulfilling my dream of helping others find their light and go for what they are passionate about. Finding peace within themselves and letting loose their fears and self sabotaging judgments. I get to introduce fun once again into life. Embracing who they truly are and we do it in such a way that we enjoy the process, no matter how uncomfortable it can get, we start to get excited about the emotions and thoughts that uncomfiness brings about. Shedding past restraints and creating a life you want.

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